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We love our cats and kittens and are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish with our breeding program. We have provided very special, loving, extremely low allergen cats and kittens to families who were never able to have pets. We have kittens all over the USA, from Boston to Alaska. And whether someone chooses their kitten or, has us choose one for them, no one has ever been disappointed! We consider everyone who has gotten a kitten from us, family and we love to hear from them. Here are some stories from our extended family members!



Hi Donna,

Sampson is 6 months tomorrow. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful, affectionate cat he is. He is already 10 lbs. My daughter had the flu recently, Sampson spent the better part of 2 days on the couch with her. He is so intuitive it just amazes me! He's the best, I couldn't have asked for a better kitty. Everyday,  I think how lucky we are to have him.



 Hi Donna,

I wanted to give you an update on GiGi.  She is so awesome and is better than we could have ever imagined!  I think about you often because we  love GiGi so much and are so appreciative of all you did for us.  Just  this morning Leah said she still can't believe we have a cat because she thought we would never get one.  Rhyan has had absolutely no reaction at all to her.  

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Mischa & Emmett


Dear Donna,
Thank you so much for helping us to adopt our wonderful kitties, Mischa  and Emmett! We just love them!!! They have a very sweet temperament and  are absolutely beautiful! Best of all, both of my children (age 8 and  10), who are allergic to cats, tolerate them  with absolutely no problem! You have been wonderful to work with, and I  would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a Siberian! You really  went out of your way to accommodate us, especially since we are so far  away. We never thought we’d be able to have  cats again. I am so glad I did a lot of research on low-allergen  Siberians and found you!!!
Anna D.  

to be continued...More Pictures & Memos to come...