how we choose our cats

It takes a very special Siberian, to make it into our breeding program, and not all Siberians are a good choice. Some are better at showing and some, just make wonderful pets. The guidelines we set in place for our breeding program are pretty strict. Health, personality, conformation and allergen levels are our top priorities when we choose our cats. There could be a number of different reasons why we would not use a cat for breeding but that does not mean they don't make the best pet. For that reason we will retire them and offer them as a pet. It sometimes takes a lot of trial and error to find the right pair combination (male & female) to produce the best kittens. We have been very lucky in our past choices and we hope to continue that trend. We are looking forward to some very special litters in the spring.



Photos of Our retired adults



Onyx is a wonderful cat and she was a great mom. Unfortunately, she had such a large 1st litter (9) that she ended up having a caesarean and we chose to spay and retire her. She is enjoying a much deserved retirement in the Baltimore area!



Frantsuz came to us from Russia, by way of a good friend and fellow Siberian breeder in Alaska, Amy. He is a very handsome boy and loves other cats. However, he is a little timid and shy around people and because he did pass this trait on to some of his kittens, we chose not to keep him. Frantsuz found a new home with Whites Farm Siberians.


Auntie Amelia

Even though this girl didn't make it in our breeding program, she is a keeper! She has every wonderful trait that the Siberian breed is known to posses! At 14 1/2 lbs she also is a very heavy lap and shoulder cat. She loves people and other cats and is a nanny to all of our kittens. Many photos of this character on the website! Here she is finishing up some " Lemon Curd".


Silly Sadie

Sadie was our most popular female and when it came time to retire her, we met with opposition. Almost everyone who had a Sadie / Harold kitten, wanted another! We agreed to breed her again, to Harold and her last two litters are living with siblings! Sadie has been retired and is living with a family who had waited very patiently, almost two years for her!


Fancy Francy

Francie is Amelia's daughter. Francie is a love-bug with a very loud purr. She has a wonderful personality and stunning markings. Unfortunately, she also had a higher than we like,  Fel d1 level. She is retired and living in Cleveland!