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Siberian cats are the cat of choice for people who suffer from cat allergies. We Allergen test (Fel d1) all of our adult cats before they are added to our breeding program. Our focus is to raise healthy, happy, low allergen kittens for people with moderate to severe cat allergies. We have never had a kitten or cat returned, so we must be doing something right! Any cat can be low allergen, Siberians are the only cats known to have consistently low allergen levels. It's also important to know that not all Siberians are low allergen.  If you have allergies to rabbits, horses or eggs, you will most likely be allergic to Siberians as well. We recommend allergen testing with Siberians before you decide to add a cat or kitten to your family!

Please visit our other pages (drop down menu) for information on upcoming litters or available and retired adults. Our kittens are raised in a very active household with dogs & kids!

We welcome anyone interested in adding a Siberian to their family to come visit with our wonderful cats, weather you get a Siberian from us or another breeder. 

Silly Sadie

Sadie Fel d1 0.2

UPDATE: Sadie has been retired and is living with her FOREVER family! Silly Sadie was one of our " Super Moms" !  Her Fel d1  level is 0.2. Sadie is extremely low allergen and  most of her kittens live with families that have moderate to severe allergies. She is a wonderful mom and has passed on her extremely sweet temperament and wonderful personality to her kittens!


Harold Fel d1 0.3

Harold is a wonderful boy in every way possible and  along with Sadie,  produced some of the finest Siberian kittens. Every once in a while, we as breeders will find what we strive for the "PERFECT PAIR". That was Sadie and Harold!  

Harold is owned by Angara Siberians &  Folie à Deux!

Thank You Bob,  Robin and Iris

From Russia With Love...


We have four, exceptional new girls joining our cat family! 

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We offer free kitten delivery in the New England area. For people in the New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, we are happy to meet you half way! We also deliver anywhere in the USA. Pricing for delivery varies and depends on location and ticket pricing. Often it's is cheaper then shipping!

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